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1) Points Reward Program (Discount Coupons)


Sofiq offers a Points Reward Program whereby all your spending at Sofiq and satisfaction of certain criteria (see below for more information) will earn you points which can then be converted into discount coupons. These discount coupons can be used to directly offset against your purchases.


Sofiq’s Points Reward Program works whereby every SGD1 spent is equivalent to 1 point. Points are awarded to the TOTAL amount that you have PAID for each order, excluding the value of the discount coupons that are utilised in that order. However please note that taxes and shipping charges do NOT qualify for points. To illustrate, say, you have ordered SGD100 worth of Sofiq’s clothes, utilised SGD10 discount coupon against this order and paid SGD5.50 for Express Local Courier. Since you have paid SGD100 for Sofiq’s clothes, you have earned yourself 100 points despite utilising the SGD10 discount coupon. However you do NOT earn any points for the SGD5.50 Express Local Courier that you have paid. So the 100 points that you have earned will allow you to redeem a discount coupon which you can use to offset against your next purchase.


The following are the various discount coupons which you can redeem with your points:


 You can opt to redeem your points for discount coupons to offset against your current purchase or future purchases. With Sofiq, your points do NOT expire, ever!*


And these are the numerous ways that you can start to earn points for YOUR REWARDS NOW!


Earn 100 Points


Get points just for signing up! You get 100 points when you register for a customer account with Sofiq, that is SGD5 for your purchase.


Earn 200 Points


Use the links in our Rewards Program tab to follow/ share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and earn 200 points for each action. 200 points = SGD10!


Earn 200 Points


Share Sofiq with your friends and you both get rewarded. They get 10% off their purchase, and you get 200 points! That is SGD10 for your purchase!


Earn 300 Points


Since it’s your SPECIAL day, we would like to reward you BIG for being our customer. On this special day, you get 300 points and that is, SGD15 for your purchase!




A) Register

Simply just register an account with Sofiq by clicking on the human icon at the top of the page and kick-start your shopping with SGD5 from us!

Sofiq Header


B) Follow/ Share on Social Media

Be rewarded with 200 points for each following and/or sharing Sofiq on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.


To start earning your points, simply log on to your Sofiq account, and click on our Rewards Program tab at the bottom of the page to open our Rewards Program pop up. Click on the “Earn More Points” link, and click on “Earn Points” tab. You can then click on “Liking page on Facebook”, “Share website on Facebook”, "Following on Instagram” and “Share website on Twitter” to earn your 200 points for each social media share and/or follow (see screenshots below for more information). Every 200 points = SGD10 for you!


Please note that the award of points is restricted to only the FIRST time follow and/or share on social media.



C) Referrals

To refer a friend, first sign in to your Sofiq account at our website. Then click on our Rewards Program tab at the bottom of the page to open our Rewards Program pop up. Click on the “Earn More Points” link, click on Earn Points tab, and then click on "Refer a friend” as shown below.


This will open a referral page with a unique referral URL as shown below. This is the URL that you will need to share with your friends in order for you to earn your points, and for them to get their 10% discount coupon. You can share the referral URL via Facebook, Twitter or email. That is SGD10 for you!

Refer and Earn


Please take note that points will only be awarded to you upon successful referral of every friend who has NOT registered with Sofiq, AND after your friend has made his/her FIRST purchase at Sofiq.


D) Your Birthday

To show our appreciation and reward you for staying with Sofiq all these time, we would like to award you with 300 points on your birthday! That is SGD15 for your purchases on your special day! To earn these 300 points, you must update your date of birth into your Sofiq account at least 1 month before your birth date.


You can update your date of birth at the point of registering a Sofiq account with us. If you have already created your Sofiq account and wish to update your date of birth, you could do as follows:


Log on to your Sofiq account, and click on our Sofiq Rewards Programs tab at the bottom of the page to open our Rewards Program pop-up window.


Click on the "Earn More Points" link.


Click on "Your Birthday" button.


Enter your date of birth, click the "Save Birthday" button and you are all setup!


These points can only be earned one time per calendar year, hence there should be no amendments to your birth date after your first update.


* except for promotional discount coupons (i.e. discount coupons given out during a sale/ promotional period)



2) Percentage Discount Reward Program


From time to time, Sofiq will have sales/ promotions whereby a PERCENTAGE discount will be given to our registered customers in the form of discount codes via emails. So DO register an account with Sofiq and remember to provide your email address upon registration. Don’t forget that by registering with Sofiq, you will earn 100 points upfront, i.e. SGD5 for you to spend. This is in addition to the percentage discount that you will have by being our registered customer!


You can also sign-up for our newsletter to have the first-hand news on our sales/ promotions, and hence start early to get your discounts for your purchases!


Upon receiving our email on your discount code, you can enter the discount code to offset directly against your purchases when you checkout.


Please do note that the percentage discount coupons that are given out during Sofiq’s sales/ promotions have a LIMITED validity period.



3) How to Redeem Your Sofiq Rewards


Please click on the Sofiq Rewards Programs tab in beigy pink at the bottom right hand side of your screen.


If you do not have an account with Sofiq, please create one at this pop-up window by clicking on the button “Create a store account” as shown below.


If you already have an account with Sofiq, please login by clicking on the link “Already have an account? Login here” as shown below.


After creating an account with us/ or logging in, if you have available points for redemption, you can click on the Sofiq Rewards Programs tab in beigy pink at the bottom right hand side of your screen again.


If you wish to redeem your Sofiq Reward Points, you can click on the button “Spend Your Points” as shown below.


All 5 types of coupons that are available under our Sofiq Rewards Program will appear. If you wish to redeem your Sofiq Reward Points, click on the button “Redeem” next to the type of coupon that is applicable for the number of points that you have.


Please click on the button “Confirm” if you wish to proceed. 


Once you have successfully redeemed your points, an email with the coupon code will be sent to the email address that you have registered under your Sofiq account. You can key in this coupon code to offset the value of your purchase after you Checkout.


If you do not have enough points, you will not be able to proceed further after clicking on the “Confirm” button.


Please feel free to email us at sofiq.arrmsg@gmail.com if you encounter any problems with using our rewards programs.

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